More... it always seems to be the underlying denominator in life:

MORE time.

MORE health.

MORE money.

MORE love.

MORE friends.

MORE fame.

More, more, more and more... it is the never ending unspoken plea.

I have so much to do (but what I am really asking is for more time).

I wish this illness went away (but what I am really asking is for more health).

I cannot buy what I want or need, or I cannot pay my bills (but what I am really asking is for more money).

I don't want to be single. I feel so unloved (but what I am really asking is more love).

What if for once we were all TRULY honest in our wish.  I want more of this or that.  Let's put it out there.  There is a difference between voice the need for more and just being purely selfish.  Voicing the want for more can give us freedom.  Freedom to, as we crave for more, see what we already have with a spirit of joy and thankfulness.  So go ahead and say it out loud-- I WANT MORE.

Now look around you and see what you already have.  And ask yourself is this need for more a WANT or a NEED? The answer is personal but I think the answer can give us freedom to move forward.  


  1. So true- I agree, wanting more is not always selfishness or ingratitude. I think deep down there are areas where all of us are longing for more and being honest about that can help get things in perspective. Visiting from FMF#14.

  2. May your life overflow and your longings be satisfied. Have a blessed week. Visiting from 70 at FMF this week.

  3. Really good thoughts. I think we get needs and wants confused often times. Sometimes we want more because we honestly need more. Not all is selfish. So man sides to a word. That's the cool thing about FMF. visiting from #75