My Top 5 CALIA Items for Spring/Summer 2017


As we look forward to summer (I'm convinced spring will completely skip Minnesota), I'm ready for some cute fitness clothes.  I'm convinced that you can get motivation from having cute clothes-- call me shallow.  And this spring/summer season I'm in love with CALIA by Carrie Underwood.  I have a few Calia pieces and love them, especially their tights.  I am curvy and have some junk in the trunk, in you know what I mean, and her tights don't feel like they're about to rip on you (hello LuLaRoe).  They are well made and the fabrics are great quality. They keep everything in place when running.

And Calia's new limited Bahia line is everything this island girl loves in fitness clothes. Cute styles, fun fabrics and fairly good prices especially if you compare to brands like Athleta, Lululemon or Under Armor.  And today I'm sharing with you my top 5 favorite pieces from the Bahia collection. 

No. 1 Women's Essential Tight Fit Printed Capris (Floral Geo) ($65)

What is not to love about these tights? Let's start with the obvious-- the fabric and colors. This Floral Geo design is so tropical and fun. I'm not crazy about light colored tights but I will make an exception for these.  The tights come in two different colors, but this one is my favorite.  The tights also have a pocket on the waistband for your keys or iPhone which is very handy. This is my favorite piece of this collection.

No. 2 Stap Back Muscle Tank Top ($41.25 on Sale Right Now)
I'm sure you can tell immediately why I love this tank top.  Give me a cute tank with a built in sports bra and I am there.  This is super cute and I like that it is a looser fit than most tanks. Definitely a must for me since my belly is not my best asset.

No. 3 Flowy Strappy Printed Tank Top (Floral Geo) ($33.75 on sale)

I love a higher neck tank top! Not only do I think it's flattering but it covers more especially if you are doing exercises where you are bending forward.  And this one has the same beautiful fabric motif as the tights.  To top everything off, is the back.  I love a back that's a little different in the design to add more interest. 

No. 4.  CALIA Classic Tote Bag (Dark Ocean) ($37.49)
I heart tote bags with a passion and this one has everything I look for in one: big size, roomy, good design and... it is super cute! Enough said.

No. 5 Effortless Foldover Waist Capris ($32.99)
Nothing makes me happier than comfy lounge type pants and these are beautiful and comfy (I tried them at the store but had to order online because it was a display).  I mostly wear them when I want a cute look but more relaxed... which has been around the house because it has been freezing outside.

And there you have my favorites for spring/summer from CALIA. Do you have any favorite fitness clothing you are drooling over this season? Do you own any CALIA?


  1. I am overdue for some new spring workout clothes. I love a good pair of fun capris!

  2. I love the first tank! Such a bright color with a fun pop of print. Jess at Just Jess

    1. I love it too! Super cute!

  3. Those pants are so pretty but light colors scare me. I'm more the capri kinda person ;) It all is so fashionable!

    1. Haha! They scare me too which is why I wear these with longer tops to cover more area.

  4. I just got a couple of their tops they are super cute. I love that tote bag as well. Fun

  5. I have not heard of Calia....and I'm in Iowa (not too far from Minnesota LOL). we probably have it here (??). I love the tank! The criss-cross straps are a fun feature! The matching leggings are legit, too!

  6. I love all your picks!! I need to try Calia.