Life of a Stepmother Runner #stepmomtribe


Mother’s Day is this weekend and while I am a stepmom, not an actual mom except to my wheaten terrier Jack, I have found that life changes a lot when kids are involved.  It was quite a change going from being a single girl with her own schedule to a full stepmom of three.  And that changed when and how I did my runs. Especially when my husband was doing National Guard (he just retired last month) for a week or on weekends.  This picture was taken a year and half ago... and life has changed A LOT...

How did my life change?
  • Running in the morning.  Not possible unless my husband is at home or the kids are staying somewhere for a sleep over.  Here is the thing—the kids are 8, 11, and 13 and probably I could leave them alone for 40 minutes, however it is really different when the kids are NOT YOURS.  I am always paranoid that if something happens, the biological mom (in Florida) and everyone else would be judging me as the evil stepmother.  Sorry but it is the truth.

  • Running whenever I want.  Not possible unless you synch your calendars—there is band practice, soccer, basketball, track and field, debate speeches.  And whoever does not go to the events, probably stays home with the youngest one, so there goes that.  #thatslife
  • Relaxing after running.  Not going to happen…immediately.  There is always something that needs to get done. ALWAYS.  So relaxing happens mostly after the kids go to sleep. 

  • Most of my FItBit steps are not achieved by running.  Between work and house stuff and kids stuff... ya know?

    I get questioned by little people about my fitness clothes spending habits. My answer? What's the problem? I don't question you about your Lego's spending habits?

  • Wine has become my running reward.  I know I sound like a lush but I am not.  Since I became a stepmom, there is something comforting about having a small glass of wine after the kids go to bed… or before.  Truly it all depends in the mood I am in.  I used to drink a lot of wine but about 7 months ago I cut wine because of medications I am taking.  But especially after a run, I reward myself with a small glass of wine.

  • Running in circles around our neighborhood park has become an option.  Yes, we have a neighborhood park across the street from our house and I have had to use it when I really want to run but the kids are asleep.  We live in a small town and its very safe.  But I like that I have visual contact with the house and I get my workout done… even if I have to go around a zillion times.

  • Running is my escape. I have to put my foot down when it comes to kids running with me.  Running is something that connects me to my previous life, and I love it.  But one of my biggest peeves is running with people.  I love running alone.  I am a loner.  Running with people distract me.  That includes kids.  But above all, running is my escape.  Stepmotherhood is hard especially when they are with you 24/7 (which was not part of the plan in the beginning).  So when I need to escape reality, I lace up my shoes and off I go! #SorryIAmNotSorry
This my friends, is life in the tranches of stepmotherhood! Stay strong and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there but especially to the stepmoms who day-to-day also step up to the plate to care and raise their stepchildren.  While some may never get a thank you from them, what you do matter.  And this stepmom, appreciate you. Keep running!  #stepmomtribe


  1. I always say I dont know how mom's take care of their kids AND run - its a job!
    Love the shout out for Stepmoms!!! I have 3 step daughters & they are incredible. All grown up. Amazing.

  2. It must have been quite the adjustment to become a stepmom, and it's great that running can serve as an outlet on some of the crazier days dealing with kids! Hope you have a nice Mother's Day!

  3. Kind of laughing at your being a "real" mom to the dog. :)

    Even not having anything other than furkids, and not working, my life is still not my own! The dogs gotta be worked. Bandit has separation anxiety and I'm always on the clock when I'm out.

    Still, I DO get to relax after a run -- sometimes. I'm not equating kids to dogs -- definitely not! You can't crate your kids and go out for a run, after all.

    Hope you get some time to relax after your run this weekend!

  4. I have a hard time fitting in runs and I only have a dog! I don't know how you or any other mom does it!

  5. Sometimes I have a hard time fitting in a run and I am not a Mom. Moms can really do it all! I love a glass of wine in the evenings as well. Knowing that I kind of earned it from running earlier that day:)

  6. I can totally relate to ALL of this and I'm not a stepmom. I'm the biological mom and I'm paranoid as heck about something happening to my kids, too! Instead of "evil stepmother," I would be labeled "irresponsible mom." So we're both screwed! ;)

    Happy Mother's Day!!